My purpose is to lead people toward their innate, unshakeable goodness, their deepest desires and wishes, to their most free and creative life.

I am a teacher, coach, and guide. Essentially, I support healing and growth through somatic experiencing. I have strong maternal energy and believe that much can be healed through the simple experience of unconditional love and acceptance and discovering your essential nature. I will be your witness, your ally, and partner in discovering your most liberated self so that you can go LIVE.

My work is rooted in my unwavering faith that all people are inherently good and that life, whilst painful and challenging, is profoundly beautiful. Even the most intense pain can be transformed with time and support.

I have integrated my skills from teaching, doula work, motherhood, studying somatic psychology, parent education, and facilitation training (through COR) to offer innovative, intuitive, transformational coaching and facilitation using a range of therapeutic modalities with a strong emphasis on somatic experiencing.


     Professional Credentials                                                     Special Areas of Expertise

  • Early Trauma

  • Parenting

  • Death and Loss

  • Divorce & Co-parenting

  • Authentic Communication

  • Intimacy and Relationships

  • Career Transitions

  • BA in Literature

  • MA in Teaching from University of San Francisco

  • Studied Somatic Psychology at CIIS

  • Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula

  • Trained Massage Therapist

  • Lifeways Waldorf Early Childhood Program

  • Advanced Coaching/Facilitation Training through COR.