Helping Hands

Whether you have one child or more, you are in a profound transition as partners in parenting. This one-day workshop is a guided exploration of the wild ride of parenting and family life, including your identity individually, as partners, and your evolving relationship with your child(ren). You will come away with greater connection and clarity in who you and your partner are as parents and what you want for your partnership and family life as you raise your children together. 

My work and life perspective are inherently culturally responsive as I draw from the diverse experiences of motherhood, social justice, queerness, and equity. I believe culture varies not just from region, nation, ethnicity, race, or religion, but within each family system and individual. 

To iterate simply, all are welcome here and I am committed to creating comfortable, resonant spaces for all. 

Into the Darkness: A Winter One Day Retreat
Dec 17, 10:30 AM
Private Retreat Space

I work from San Francisco, and offer services to a wide breadth of folks. Some come from extraordinary means and others have less means. Most folks fall in between. With respect to all of those and the true cost of providing facilitation services, I offer a pricing schedule that asks us to honestly assess what we can afford, and where we can be generous or receptive. You can view the guidelines here. Basically, as much as possible, means are not a barrier to working with me.