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Couples Medicine Retreat

with Brendan Hall + Ginny Zeppa

Whether a couple has been together for months or years, choosing long-term, significant intimacy asks us to walk through a fire that initiates like no other. Having children, managing finances, changing careers, exploring various relationship constructs, shifts in identity, and unexpected life events can greatly challenge our capacity to maintain connection and lovingness with this most special and beloved person. Relationship challenges are totally normal, and also extremely difficult! It takes immense courage, dedication, and willingness to stay present, honest, and compassionate -- and to continue to find alignment even as we grow, evolve, and deepen. 

Every couple needs time and space devoted to their growth, healing, and connection. Established Couples Therapist, Brendan Hall, and Intuitive Relationship Coach, Ginny Zeppa, have come together to co-create a couples retreat designed to sweep the path of your partnership journey so that you can see clearly again the beauty and goodness of your connection... and bask in the delight of renewed intimacy.


Couples Medicine is designed for all couples regardless of sexual orientation or relationship construct, where both partners are longing for healing, growth, up leveling, or deepening, and expanding the bond, connection, and fulfilling and lasting intimacy possible in their relationship. Whether you've been together for months, years, or decades, there is profound beauty in your connection, and also an infinite possibility for growing both individually and together. You may be in a tricky moment in your dynamic or have just come through the other side of rocky terrain.


We will meet you where you are with time for both connection and delight in the beauty of the other, as well as time and space for yourself, and robust offerings in repair, communication, and practices in nurturing intimacy. This weekend is not a lecture. This weekend is an experience. You choose how deep you want to go. While the container will be deep and solid, this retreat is not appropriate for couples experiencing extreme relationship crisis. 

Couple in Earthy Colors


Each couple has their own beautiful and unique story, values, dynamics, and issues to address. We honor and welcome your unique relationship and also, here are some common themes we support for couples and relationships. 

  • A longing for closeness and deeper, more expansive intimacy

  • A feeling of being disconnected from your romance by the responsibilities of work, family, adulting

  • Noticing your past traumas coming up in how you relate with your partner

  • A sense of being stuck in a rut or a tired dynamic

  • An entrenched pattern of arguing or blaming

  • A sense of comparing or measuring, who is doing more, etc.

  • A feeling like you can never get it right with your partner, feeling misunderstood or like you are seen only for your shortcomings

  • A feeling of being alone even as you navigate a lot of shared life

  • Jealousy or insecurity in your feeling desired or wanted by your partner

  • Longing for mutuality in the desire for more expansive love making, sexing, sensuality, either within partnership or beyond.

We are far more similar than we are different, and whatever it is you are facing, it’s likely another couple present may be facing something similar. 


Couples Medicine is an immersive experience into embodied relating with both your self and your beloved. It is a chance to let go of the ways you've been reacting and relating and step into something new, in all the ways. The benefits and possible outcomes for couples who embark on this journey vary, but these are common breakthroughs and what we hold as possible for all participants:​

-Renewed or deepened love of your partner as well as yourself/ A sense of knowing the goodness and beauty of your partnership

-A connection to authenticity, and an internal sense of worthiness both as an individual as well as in your role of partner

-An understanding of your deeper patterns, reactions, and emotional triggers and the ways those play out in relationship

-An ability to communicate more clearly and in healthy, powerful ways 

-A lightness in your body when thinking about your partnership

-A stronger sense of comfort in yourself and the goodness of your authentic expression and experience

-A reigniting of passion in your relationship, and a new or renewed sense of being sexy and vibrantly alive

-Permission to feel all your feelings, and tools to do so in healthy, productive ways

-Deep long-lasting healing

-Awakened clarity, drive, and alignment with your values, your truth, your desires for yourself in relationship

Couple Showing Affection
Couple at Home


Couples Medicine Retreat is experiential and participatory in nature. They are small groups of 10-20 participants, with highly trained facilitators and support staff to allow for individualized support and facilitation throughout the weekend. Most of the workshop is guided self-exploration through experience, with a few short teaching pieces.

The Processes

  • Small Group Facilitation & Support 

  • Parts Work (similar to Internal Family Systems)

  • Breathwork

  • Somatic Experiencing

  • Active & Silent Meditations

  • Emotional Processing

  • Journaling & Reflection 

  • Sharing Circles

What's Included ​


  • 3 full days of skillful and proven facilitation with your cohort of 10-20 total participants

  • Teachings and experiential learning that you can take into your life and relationships 

  • Ample resources and follow up materials


Brendan Hall, MFT and Ginny Zeppa, MA are the designers, producers, and facilitators of this special and unique retreat, named after Brendan's online program, called Couples Medicine. As professional peers and soul family, Brendan and Ginny bring their extensive training as well as real life, personal practices in relating authentically and deeply, with a shared reverence and passion for nurturing intimacy and relationship. A few highly trained support staff carefully vetted by Brendan and Ginny will also be attending.

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