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A six-week group offering for new mothers with young babies offering connection & affinity with other new mothers. Together, we will hold time and space to process and share in the deep transition of new motherhood.

Groups begin when we have a cohort of six or more mamas ready to begin. For questions or to connect with me about this offering, please send me a message through my contact form. 

MamaWise is a six week series for new mothers. Together, we will hold time and space to process and share in the incredible transition of new motherhood. We will consider the full range of what it is like to become a mother. We will also tend to the most essential questions of early parenting and baby care, such as early sleep and feeding practices, acquainting ourselves with the art and craft of mothering. This intimate circle is held by compassionate facilitation and designed in such a way that you will feel held, and be able to hold your fellow mothers, dropping anxieties while we build the village again. 

We used to have babies in community and watch over each other. We used to witness ourselves becoming mothers over a lifespan, beginning with witnessing it when we were small. Now, our babies are often the first newborns we have ever held. It can be overwhelming, daunting, and unfamiliar. 


Mamawise is an experience that reassures you that you are not alone. There are other new mamas out there feeding, soothing, changing, and bonding with their completely brand new, unique, one of a kind babies, too. Having good days and rough days. Feeling confident in one moment and totally lost in the next. The experience of new motherhood becomes normalizing, reassuring. Mamawise and New Mothers Circle buoys you through the newness with encouragement, affirmation, togetherness, and realness.

This is ultimately a place to find community. In addition to connecting with other mothers with babies of a similar age, this is a place where you get to sincerely connect with yourself, your experience of motherhood, and all that is arising for you in this profound time. This offering cultivates the opportunity for true, deep, real, vulnerable and authentic connection where the full range of your experience is welcome and we meet each other with non-judgment, warmth, and unconditional acceptance. You become part of the fabric of community with your child and family, and the value of the facilitated time grows, supporting you long after the offering is complete. 

Absolutely! We will definitely consider essential baby care such as bonding, feeding, and early sleep science (including a mini early sleep talk)!, BUT this group is especially designed to offer time and space to check in with how YOU are doing, as you become acquainted with this new person, and grow in your confidence and clarity about who you are as a mother -- as well as a person, now that you're a mother. 

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I live and work in the Sierra Foothills and offer coaching and facilitation services to a wide breadth of folks. Some come from extraordinary means and others have less means. Most folks fall in between. With respect to all of those and the true cost of providing facilitation services, I have devised a pricing schedule that asks us to honestly assess what we can afford, and where we can be generous or receptive. You can view the guidelines here.

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