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Why Darkness: Inspiration from Jeff Foster

“Why darkness, you ask? The darkness protects you, my love. You bury the pieces of yourself too frightening to face, bury them in the night and fog until you are ready to face them. So you don’t ever have to bear what you cannot yet bear, or feel what you are not yet ready to feel. It’s intelligent, this burial. But then you forget. You forget that the Underworld is only made of abandoned pieces of you. You forget that YOU were the one who put the pieces there. It was your own creation, the monstrous Hell realm, the devils and the dragons. These lost and frightened fragments are forever longing to return to you. The darkness seeks you! It will haunt you, stalk you, follow you wherever you go. You cannot run, for it is all you, all the abandoned pieces of your great and ancient heart, all needing help, longing for integration, crying out for inclusion in a bigger self. I promise you, I promise you, in the depths of your most terrible despair and loneliness, in the bulging eyes of the most hideous monster chasing you, if you stop, and turn to face it, and just look hard enough, when you are ready, and not a moment before, if you just look hard enough, and through the eyes of love, you will see... yourself. Not death there, but life. Not destruction, but absolute safety. You will see your own kind eyes smiling back at you, a safe place within the trauma. Your salvation lies in the darkness, you see, and its salvation lies within you! You are One, you always were. No separation! Nothing to fear but the loss of all fear! Let the darkness have you my love, breathe into its sacred core, give it what it cries for, and you will feel the most extraordinary Power, know the most blinding Light! Why darkness, you ask? So you are protected from your own immense Power. Until you are ready...”

Join me December 17th for a day-long Into the Darkness Winter Retreat.

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