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Sunset Walk

Whether a couple has been together for months or years, choosing long-term, significant intimacy asks us to walk through a fire that initiates like no other. Having children, managing finances, changing careers, exploring various relationship constructs, shifts in identity, and unexpected life events can greatly challenge our capacity to maintain connection and lovingness with this most special and beloved person. It takes immense courage, dedication, and willingness to stay present, honest, and compassionate -- and to continue to find alignment even as we grow, evolve, and deepen. 

I have worked with couples of all ages in all stages of life offering support and guidance around romance and intimacy, attachment security, coparenting conflicts, challenges in non-monogamy, and more. Together, we come into deep, loving evaluation of each person's needs and refine communication and relational dynamics, all while upholding the unique and profound goodness of the relationship and each individual.


All are welcome. I am committed to creating welcoming, resonant spaces for all. I am a stand for including social locations and life experiences as imperative information for understanding ourselves and each other.

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