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Contentment and ease requires trusting yourself enough to follow your own lead.

We will sweep the path as we go. We will meet dark & light spaces, and step into real power as we complete cycles of grief and fear, safely confronting what is standing between you and what you want. We'll arrive on the other side, refreshed with confidence and trust for the journey ahead.

I draw from the diverse experiences of motherhood, social justice, queerness, and equity. Culture varies not just from region, nation, ethnicity, race, or religion, but within each family system and individual. To iterate simply, all are welcome here.

  • Individuals and couples who are craving deeper & more alive sexuality and intimacy

  • Folks who are ready to light up their life force - your qi, your shakti, your creative source -- either in personal life, professional life, or both

  • New parents who have found themselves in a 52-card pick up in life. Those for whom parenthood has impacted your partnership, career, or personal identity

  • Those who have lingering grief and sadness about their labor and birth experience and would like to find peace and healing in this significant life experience

  • Anyone in the midst of change and looking to move through the next stage of life- such as parenthood, divorce, aging, a career change...

  • Transitions around heritage blueprints, and healing around changes in family, life and death

When I receive your inquiry, I will follow up with an invitation to begin our journey. We can either start with a  free 20-minute consult, or you can just book your first session, and we can dive in.  Sessions can be either 60 or 90 minutes, and online booking is available after the first session.

It is my mission that we work together through the deepest transitions of your life, and when those transitions are over, you are able to trust yourself to know that you can guide yourself on your own. That said, I do not work with packages of sessions, but rather, by the hour, and meeting weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. 


I work from San Francisco, and offer coaching services to a wide breadth of folks.  Sliding Scale Sessions are reserved for folks of color, queer folks, and single parents. Please inquire. 

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