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September 19-22, 2024  |  Near Nevada City, California (North San Juan) 

COR Woman WILD is an amazing, deeply connective, and enlivening weekend with cozy lodging, beautiful nature, and nourishing, organic food. It's also a boldly transformative experience that invites you into deep, invaluable truths that many people never attain. Attending COR Woman WILD uncovers, reveals, and/or reminds you of your unconditional goodness, power, and freedom. We believe that your worth is inherent, not based on what you produce. We are a stand for your unquestionable and incomparable beauty. What would it be like to be untethered from the conditioning of society and unburdened by the intergenerational pain you've inherited?


COR Woman WILD is an initiation into a fuller, freer, WILDer you. 


In four days, most participants say they receive more support, healing, growth, and transformation than in a year's worth of traditional talk therapy (this is not to say this retreat should replace therapy)! From years of leading these workshops, we have learned that the kind of healing experiences many of us are longing for deep down is to be embodied and given permission to be EVERYTHING we are, and to be witnessed with radical love -- where we are WITH you, not FIXING you. We believe that being in a circle of women can shift and transform our stories and meet us in the most profound ways. What we do at COR Woman WILD is both ancient and modern. We've been doing this since the beginning of time... and... we are also learning more in this modern moment about what's possible when we tend ourselves and each other with loving attention, safe space, abundant time, and skillfully facilitated processes and ritual.



COR Woman WILD is for every self-identified woman (or person who has experienced feminine entrainment) who is ready for a big shift and a lasting change, who wants to discover, rediscover, or deepen her understanding of all parts of herself.  

We will meet you where you are. This weekend is not a lecture. This weekend is an experience. You choose how deep you want to go.

Whether you’ve never done a workshop before or have done dozens, you’ll find new layers, new insights, new levels of joy, of connection within yourself, to your intuition, to your body, new levels of healing from anything that has happened in your life to make you forget who you truly are: a unique, amazing, wonderful human being, no striving or performance required.


Everyone comes into COR Woman WILD with their own history, thoughts, feelings, and issues to address, but there are many common themes. Wherever you are, and whatever comes up for you, is welcome. 

  • Patterns of unhealthy relationships and/or a longing for closeness and deeper, enlivening connections

  • A feeling of being disconnected from your body, or shame about your body

  • Wanting to heal from past trauma and abuse at a greater depth than you’ve been able to receive in traditional talk therapy modalities

  • A sense of being stuck in life, or a particular area of life / Feelings of overwhelm in life and work  

  • An inner voice that constantly criticizes, belittles and makes wrong

  • A desire to connect more deeply to your voice, speak your truth, and set healthy boundaries

  • Feeling like you aren’t enough or can’t be authentically yourself

  • Explorations around your sexual liberation and expression 

  • Feeling dim or disconnected from your life force 

  • A persistent inner voice that tells you there should be more to life

  • A desire to find greater alignment to your purpose, your gifts, your contribution in the world

We are far more similar than we are different, and whatever it is you are facing, it’s likely another participant present is facing something similar. You are not alone.


COR Woman WILD is your opportunity to let your guard down, to stop trying to be perfect, to let your mind and body and heart do whatever they have been wanting to do, to breathe, to cry and scream and laugh and dance if you feel moved to do so. 


It is your opportunity to go into the heart of you, to be heard, to be seen, and to be loved and appreciated for the unique and amazing woman -- and person -- you naturally are at your core.  


What is on the other side of this? Freedom.

Your personal takeaways and healings will be unique to you, but these are common breakthroughs that participants experience after COR Woman, and what is possible for you:

  • A deep love of your body without changing anything about it /  A sense of being beautiful just as you are

  • A connection to authenticity, and an internal sense of worthiness

  • An understanding of your deeper patterns, reactions, and emotional triggers

  • An ability to communicate clearly and in healthy, powerful ways with your friends and loved ones

  • A sense of freedom in your body, and in your life

  • A strong sense of confidence in yourself and your ability to speak your truth

  • A reigniting of passion in your life, and a deep sense of being sexy and vibrantly alive

  • Permission to feel all your feelings, and tools to do so in healthy, productive ways

  • Deep long-lasting healing

  • Awakened clarity, drive, and alignment with your purpose, your truth, your place in this world

  • A sense of sisterhood and comfort with women, and deep friendships with other participants


COR workshops are experiential and participatory in nature. They are small groups of 10-20 participants, and have a high staff to participant ratio to allow for individualized support and facilitation throughout the weekend. Most of the workshop is guided self-exploration through experience, with a few short teaching pieces on relating with our emotions and mindfulness tools.

The Processes

  • Small Group Facilitation & Support 

  • Parts Work (similar to Internal Family Systems)

  • Breathwork

  • Somatic Experiencing

  • Active & Silent Meditations

  • Emotional Processing

  • Journaling & Reflection 

  • Sharing Circles

  • Time in Nature 

What's Included ​


  • 3 full days of skillful and proven facilitation with your cohort of 10-20 total participants

  • Teachings and experiential learning that you can take into your life and relationships 

  • 9 nourishing, organic meals Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch prepared by our herbalist, ayurvedic practitioner and chef 

  • All accommodations and lodging at a beautiful retreat lodge with ample nature and amenities 

  • Yuba River integration time on Sunday 

  • Fully facilitated four-week follow up program (optional)                    (currently scheduled for Mondays Sept 23, 30, Oct 7, 14, 530-7p PST)


Our leadership team is made up of passionate and skilled women who have all been part of COR for years - attending, staffing, working, and/or facilitating various workshops and trainings. We work collaboratively to create a beautiful and sacred space that will hold you on this journey, along with our amazing team of staff (all who have participated in their own COR Woman weekend). 



This work was founded in 1993 and draws from ancient spiritual traditions from around the world, as well as modern, evidence-based wellness and personal development models. Thousands of people from the United States as well as internationally have participated and staffed COR Workshops and Leadership Trainings. The workshops continue to be led in locations throughout the U.S. and, through a sister company, in England.

You can learn more about COR here.


How many people are at the workshops? 

The workshop is a small group format, generally running between 10-20 participants.  There will be at least 3 facilitators for this size group, and anywhere from 6-12 additional staff women there to assist and provide support.  

What are the facilitators qualifications, and what kind of training do they have? 

Our facilitators are all trained coaches and professionals with a variety of trainings and background, including the Leadership Development Training with COR. In order to be a lead or co-facilitator, they are required to do extensive training with our organization, including two years of leadership and facilitation training as well as ongoing training and oversight assisting at workshops, before becoming fully certified to become a lead facilitator.  For most facilitators, this process takes 4-6 years to full certification. 

What are the accommodations like at the workshop? 

This venue has been hand-selected for comfort, accessibility, and a focus on the natural beauty around it. Accommodation options include camping on the beautiful property or inside the comfortable, well-tended lodge (with various sleeping options and arrangements). Most rooms are shared with other participants but there are private sleeping options available (for additional purchase). We put a lot of thought and effort into making sure each participant is comfortable and well-resourced, asking for sleeping preferences and checking on all dietary limitations before the workshop.  An on-site event manager is there to tend any concerns that may arise.

Why is this workshop so expensive? 

These events are labors of love, and while they're consistently significant, and profound experiences for most participants, they're not significantly profitable for the producers and facilitators. Our workshops include all food, comfortable accommodations, an organized half-day nature experience, as well as a fully facilitated four week follow-up program.  They require at least two highly trained facilitators, a staff leader, and an on-site event manager in order to offer a safe, high quality, transformational experience, and months of preparation for producers. We work hard to keep costs as low as possible and strive to keep our workshops accessible (many comparable holistic, transformational, residential retreat experiences are more expensive!), but we know that they can still be cost-prohibitive for some.  If finances are your main hurdle to participating, please see our sliding scale options or contact us about scholarships. We acknowledge the reality of limited financial capacity and are committed to doing everything we can to welcome as many people as possible who are interested, while also maintaining sustainability for producers and facilitators.

What if I can't afford the workshop? What are my options? 

We offer no fee payment plans for all our workshops so that you can spread the payment out over monthly payments.  

We are also offer three tiers for participation:

  1. Generosity Ticket - Is above and beyond the base participation cost, and your generous donation will go directly to financial aid and scholarships for others. 

  2. Base Ticket - This is the base ticket price that is being asked for all participants and will cover the costs of the event. 

  3. Sliding Scale Ticket - This is a discounted ticket for those that can not afford the base ticket price and need some financial support. 

If none of these options fit you, and you still want to explore options - please do not hesitate to reach out. It is our hope that no one is turned away because of price. We do have some limited financial aid and scholarship options available. We have also seen past participants ask for contributions to their COR experience from friends and family for birthdays or holidays, in case that feels available and comfortable for you. It can be beautiful and powerful to ask folks to love you by supporting your healing if possible! In short, if you are drawn to this experience, we want to do anything we can to help you attend!

What is the diversity like at these workshops? 

We celebrate every type of woman at this workshop, every age, ethnicity, size, religious background, sexual orientation, and ideological stance. There’s no “right” way to be a woman, there is only your way, and we honor all differences. Folks of all religious backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and lifestyles attend COR Woman, and we work hard to make sure that it’s a safe and inclusive space. And we are all always learning! COR Woman WILD especially recognizes and welcomes all folks who identify as women, or have experienced entrainment as women, and honors that gender is not binary. We also recognize the special labor and challenges for people of color or other marginalized identities in participating in spaces that still exist within the systems of oppression that we are all complicit in. All are welcome at COR Woman WILD, and this workshop is definitely specifically for folks who in some way feel identified with womanhood. Please reach out if you have any concerns about feeling welcome, included, or belonging.

How do I get there? What are the arrival and departure times? 

Participants are encouraged to travel however is most comfortable to them, whether that is by driving or carpooling. The event site has plenty of parking, and we will provide a carpooling form for participants and comprehensive logistics information once registered. North San Juan (near Nevada City) is about 1.5 hours from Sacramento or 3-4 hours from the Bay (depending on traffic and where you're coming from). 

You should plan to arrive for registration by 4pm on Thursday. The workshop will end on Sunday around 4pm. 

I'm not into group stuff, is this still for me? 

COR Woman is a different type of group experience. It’s not a lecture or a group experience where we tell our stories all weekend. Most of the processes are an internal journey of your own self. You are never required to share anything, and you are welcome to be exactly where you are the entire weekend. If you are open to trying a new way, it is incredibly powerful to move through processes as a group, in community. You receive as much healing from witnessing and being side by side with others as you do from your own process, and also develop a deep bond with the other participants.

Have other questions? Feel free to contact us! 

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